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Apr 4, 2019

Pastor Thomas Brashears -- When Jesus visited Jerusalem, His ministry differed entirely from His Galilean ministry. In Galilee Jesus taught many subjects, but in Jerusalem He focused only on one theme -- His Messiahship. Right before he enters Jerusalem (10.46) he gives sight to the blind, Bartimaeus who wants to see. In Jerusalem Jesus spent His time proclaiming strongly that He was beyond any question the Messiah. There was a reason for this. Jerusalem was the capital of Palestine, and the temple itself was there. Jerusalem was the hub and center of Jewish life and worship. The population of Jerusalem and the surrounding suburbs and cities ranged in the hundreds of thousands (for example, Bethphage and Bethany. Even Jericho, a city of sizeable population, was only about seventeen miles away.) The temple required over twenty thousand priests alone, not counting the Levite helpers who must have numbered even more. If there was any place where Jesus would proclaim His Messiahship, it would be in Jerusalem. Jerusalem was a city that held every sort of man who had been born and who was yet to be born. Jerusalem was to hear the truth of God's Son and of God's great love for the world. The men of Jerusalem and all men born thereafter were to be left without excuse.