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Apr 29, 2019

Pastor Thomas Brashears -- What does faith mean? This is the only time the Bible ever defines faith. Time and time again, the Bible discusses faith and the great importance of faith. The Bible tells us that we must have faith—we must believe God—and it tells us the great things that happen to those who do believe...

Apr 24, 2019

Pastor Thomas Brashears

Apr 4, 2019

Pastor Thomas Brashears -- When Jesus visited Jerusalem, His ministry differed entirely from His Galilean ministry. In Galilee Jesus taught many subjects, but in Jerusalem He focused only on one theme -- His Messiahship. Right before he enters Jerusalem (10.46) he gives sight to the blind, Bartimaeus who wants to see....

Apr 4, 2019

Pastor Thomas Brashears -- Today we will see two brothers with completely different issues. While it’s easy to point out the fault of
the one brother who walked away, it can be easy to overlook the brother who held tightly to the rules in hopes of
personal gain. Jesus wanted to make the point that getting lost in our...