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Oct 12, 2018

Pastor Thomas Brashears -- Most of us would rather live without any seasons of pain. Yet during such times, God often does His greatest work in our lives, reshaping and realigning us for His divine purposes. Jesus compares our life to a single grain of wheat. If we hold a kernel in our hands, nothing will happen. If we carefully place it on a shelf, it will just sit there indefinitely. In its safety, the grain will essentially be useless. However, if that kernel is placed in the soil where its protective layer is stripped away, something amazing happens. Before long, a little sprout will emerge from the earth and start to grow into something different, useful, and beautiful. And the new stalk will produce more grains that can be planted, and the stalks they produce will do the same. It’s an amazing cycle of life, wherein a single kernel can lead to countless stalks of wheat. But it must start with the brokenness of one grain.