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Jan 13, 2020

Pastor Thomas Brashears & Sharon Franta - preached January 12 - The world has a hierarchy, a “ladder,” for evaluating the success of a person. Sometimes that ladder is based upon fame, sometimes upon money. In an organization, the person who has made his or her way to the position of CEO or chairman of the board...

Jan 6, 2020

Pastor Thomas Brashears - preached January 5 - The means to achieving Jesus’ much higher and more meaningful goal of reigning over an eternal kingdom was not to be found in the man–made systems and alliances of this world, but rather through the ultimate act of ministry and servanthood, a sacrificial death.

Jan 2, 2020

Pastor Mike Anderson - preached December 29 - We can learn a lot about Jesus from where he grew up. People are formed in the towns where they grow up. You can take someone out of a town they grew up in, but you will never take the town out of them. I.e. Being from the Midwest! Today’s sermon is all about what we can...